Take a good look. From part-time pilots to amateur film-makers. It’s all there:

There’s nothing going on without power. Our grips just do it. Without getting tangled up.

Kabelträger & Rigger

Grips & riggers

The show must go on. We take care of everything that comes up. We run and drive from A to B. Or maybe to C. And back again.

Runner, Fahrer, Stagehands

Runners, drivers, stagehands

Let's get started. We’ve got the star on our screen.


Video engineers

We give everyone a voice. Technically, at least.


Sound engineers:

Everything’s ready for word-perfect broadcast. We make sure the speaker is not at a loss for words.


Teleprompter operators

We’ve got the overview: of both the figures and the organization. Before, during, and after the show.


Production assistants